GANvas Studio

Collaborative neural network art prints

Make your Ganbreeder creations physical! Our posters are printed with UV-resistant ink on satin-finish paper. Our paintings are printed with latex ink on canvas on wood. We hand-paint details, edges, and textures onto the canvas to accent more detail and remove pixelation. Email us if you have any questions.

Decorate your life with AI

About BigGAN

Our images are curated and tuned through repetitive mixing using Joel Simon's Ganbreeder, a collaborative UI for Google's BigGAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) model from the ImageNet data set. Since the results are only 256px, we use machine learning to enlarge the images, which helps remove pixelation. We also hand-paint details onto the canvas prints to make them look less "digital".

Just create and upload your BigGAN creation and we'll turn it into a poster or canvas. Or you can choose one mixed by Danielle below.

Ganvas Studio is run by Danielle Baskin, a painter and GAN fan in San Francisco.